A Long Time Ago On The Logan

Oh, a long time ago on the Logan
There were blacks of all sizes and sorts
A meeting was held at Beaudesert
For the purpose of having some sports

First prize was a lovely fat booribi
Of cobbles the number was six
Second and third, no difference.
Two iguana’s half dead with the ticks

There were nullas, carbuckers and cobbles
Iguanas and yurragangs too
Nullas and spears and burraguns
All thrown by that famous old Blow

Now Blow being the best at the throwing
And Andrews the best at the fight
Old Slab sent down for three bottles
For the purpose of keeping things quiet

Now Billy and Bobby got rowing
When there’s drink how those old darkies will
Old Charlie near split his sides laughing
When Bobby upset Old King Bill.

Last verse added by correspondence

Now Blow received many a present
And of churrongs he had quite a sack
The only one there seemed to grumble
Was that quarrelsome Nevertire Jack

Cyril Duncan gave the following explanations for the terms in the song:

Cobbles = carpet snake.
Yurragangs = native dog.
Booribi = native bear.
Nulla = weapon.
Churrongs = eels.