Bingo Corroborees (Porcupine Song)

Wangur dthunnee dthunnee dthunnee,
Wangur dthunnee dthunnee dthunnee,
Wangur  dthunnee dthunnee dthunnee,
Wangur dthunnee goolgoo boora, goolgoo boora, goolgoo boora,
Wangur dthunnee dthunnee dthunnee.

(English translation given in the sheet music)

Old porcupine with stately stride
Is out to see where ants may hide,
To know his track you cannot fail,
The toe-holes deep, the dragging tail,
We touch him with our yam stick, wai!
He’s now a spiky ball, ya-kai!

Additional song listed in the sheet music as having the same tune as ‘The Porcupine Song’. See: Blind blackfellow finding his way back to camp