Dreamtime For Jedda

Jedda! Jedda!

(Verse 1)

From the dreamtime voices are calling,
Oh, Jedda won’t you come home?
Now under a spell she is falling,
Soon in dreamtime Jedda will roam.

She is lost and is nobody’s daughter,
She can’t find peace anywhere,
Her love only brings tears to water,
The desert of her heart that’s laid bare.

Poor Jedda child of a proud dark race,
From all white and black men’s love must turn her face;

Dreamtime for Jedda is waiting,
It’s a heaven up in the skies,
Where the happy spirits are mating
In a perfect love that never dies.

(repeat Verse 1)

Jedda! Jedda!


1954, October 4, Bob Gibson and His Orchestra, Sydney, Columbia DO 3668 (10″-78).

1956, August, Wilbur Kentwell (organ solo), Sydney, Columbia 33 OS 7556.