The Gumtree Canoe

On a thorn bonny river in a hut I was born
Built of thorns and wild yellow corn
It was there I met Julia, so true,
And we rowed down that river
In a gumtree canoe

We will row, yes we’ll row, over the water so blue
Like a feather I’m afloat, in my gumtree canoe
With my thumb on the banjo, my toe on the oar
I sing to my Julia, I’ll sing as I row

And the stars shone down on Julia so true
On the night we rowed out on that gumtree canoe
’twas for three solid days, we sailed out on the bay
we could not get back, we were forced for to stay
Then we spied a large ship, flying the flag of true blue
And she took us in tow, in my gumtree canoe.