Just Like A Boomerang

Verse 1:

The hour is nearing, you’ll soon be hearing:
goodbye sweet-heart, goodbye,
And tho’ I’m leaving, there’ll be no grieving,
for here’s the reason why:


Just like a Boomerang I’ll come back once more to you,
Tho’ miles across the sea I may be, I will be true.
Tho’ the hours we’re apart, each day will be longer
love like ours, my sweet-heart, each day will grow stronger.
Just keep on building your air castles up in the sky,
Some day when dreams come true, then we two will realize that
all of our troubles and sadness, quickly will turn into gladness, dear,
just like a Boomerang I’ll come back once more to you.

Verse 2:

When we are parted, how broken hearted,
sweet-heart, you’ll know I’ll be.
But dry your tears dear, and have no fears dear,
for very soon you’ll see:

(Repeat chorus)