Little Mia Mia

Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely, if you and I could hide,
And build a Mia Mia, small and snug, with gums on ev’ry side?

Then I should go a-hunting, with boomerang and bow,
And bring some bunny furs to you to make us clothes, you know.

And you would be my sweet-heart, and round your shiny hair,
would twine a golden wattle wreath, or cap of feathers rare.

We’d laugh like kookaburras, and like goannas play;
We’d gather native raspberries and quongdongs all the day.

The little sweet blue bonnets would make their home near our’s
And sing to us, and we to them, among the honey flowers.

The dingoes and the bunyips you’d never need to fear,
For I should be there all night with nulla, sling and spear.