Mine Tinkit Gibit Love

Black feller, Jacky, me

Plurry soon go walkabout,

Searchum bush for pretty gin,

Findum dere or roun’about;

Me, Jacky, wantum Mary

all belonga plurry soon.

Getum in a plurry hurry

Underneat’ t’ whiteman moon*


Mine tinkit gibit love,

Getum Mary marry me,

Makeum mia-mia by a tree,

Mine tinkit gibit love;

Mine tinkit catchum gin,

Buildum camp by billabong.

Cookum snake and singum song,

Mine tinkit life begin,

Jacky, him marry wit’ Mary in June,

An’ go a walkabout alonga honey moon;

Mine tinkit gibit love,

Get um Mary marry me.

Habum big Corroboree,

Mine tinkit gibit love.


* This verse was not performed in the 1951 recording by Les Welch & His Orchestra. Taken from the sheet music.

Composed by George S. English & Deryck Barnes and performed by Les Welch & His Orchestra.

Recorded 1951, Sydney

Tasman W-078/Mx: MX40827 (78rpm, 10”)