Nullabor Prayer

The dead heart! Dry, arid wasteland!
Pitiless heat and endless miles of sand dunes.
Utterly destitute of grass, trees or shade!
A coloured stockman, thrown from his horse,
Lies with a broken leg, water bag empty, and parched with thirst.

After many years have passed, a drover finds clutched
In the hands of a bleached skeleton – a Missionary Bible!
The inscription on the fly-lead reads:-

Look, God, I’ve never spoken to you
But now I want to say “How do you do?”
A witch-doctor told me, You didn’t exist
And I, like a fool, believed all this.

Last night, in this desert, I saw Your sky
And then, I knew he had told me a lie,
For now, I see clearly the things You have made
My primitive fears are beginning to fade.

I wonder, God, if You’d shake my black hand?
Somehow, I feel that You’d understand.
It’s strange, I got lost in this hellish place
Before I at last looked at You – Face to Face.

Well, I guess there isn’t much more to say
But I’m glad, God, that I met You today!
My final hour will soon be here
But I’m not afraid, now I know that You’re near.

The darkness has come – I will soon have to go
I like You lots, this I want You to know,
And now, that We’re “Mates,” everything is alright
Who knows, I may come to Your House tonight!

Though I wasn’t friendly with You before
I wonder, God, if You’d wait at Your door?
Look! I’m shedding tears! Me, shedding tears!
Oh! I wish I had known you these long, lonely years!

Well, this is the end now! Dear God, so good-bye
And now that I’ve met You, I’m not scared to die!