Poor Fellow Me

Poor fellow me, poor fellow me,
My country it gave me all that I see,
Gifts that I see, poor fellow me.

Once I was gay, once I was gay, once I was gay,
Poor fellow me, then came the day, I went away,

Now I am grey, poor fellow me.
Now I’m alone, now I’m alone,
now I’m alone, poor fellow me.

Nothing I own, spirit has flown,
poor fellow me.

So let me die,
peaceful I lie,
let my shade fly,

Poor fellow me,
Poor fellow me.


1951, March 15, Alan Coad (baritone) with orchestra directed by Albert Fisher, Sydney, Columbia DO-3391 (10″-78).

1959, November 30, Igor Gorin – vocal acc. Henri Penn Orchestra and Choir, Sydney, HMV 7EBO-70001.