The Bunyip Will Get You

(Verse 1)

Near the billabongs and the lonely creeks,
The lubras shiver when the Bunyip shrieks,
And they cry as they run for the nearest tree,
Ooh! big feller Bunyip he is after me.


The Bunyip will get you as sure as eggs,
He runs so fast on his hairy legs,
When he grunts and squeals, pick up your heels
Or the Bunyip will get you as sure as eggs.

(Verse 2)

When Captain Cook came to our land,
King Billy met him with a warning hand,
And he said: “Listen Cookie, sail right home again,
For the Bunyip, he likes juicy sailor men.”

(Verse 3)

Once a jolly swagman camped by a creek,
When down jumped the Bunyip with a horrible shriek,
And all that poor old swaggie could say
Was: “‘Scuse me, boss, I’ll be on my way.”

(Verse 4)

When the stars shone bright down on the farm,
Dave hugged Mabel in his big strong arms,
But a Bunyip frightened them with grunts and roars,
And as Dave dropped Mabel he said: “She’s all yours.”

(Verse 5)

When Ned Kelly was robbing a bank,
A Bunyip zoomed down and stopped his prank;
Said Ned, while sprinting for his moke:
“Fair go, Mister Bunyip, it was only a joke.”

(Verse 6)

On a lonely road a sports model stalled,
And out jumped a girl, when her boyfriend bawled:
“You’d better stay in this car with me –
For the Bunyip’s just behind that old gum tree.”


1952, February 26, George Trevare and His Orchestra, Sydney, Parlophone A7792 (10″-78).