The Cobbon Aboriginal

I’m a dashing Aboriginal and Burrawang’s my name,
Throughout Molong and Binalong you all have heard my fame;
My cabbora am berry hard, my yabber am so wide,
Dat a pound of grubs it can admit, and den dere’s room inside.

Liket cobbon Aboriginal, belonging to Cooma tribe

When that fellah sun fust time go down, then yan along a camp,
That been look out for wallaby glose up Mundoola Swamp,
Then budgeree corroboree with boomerang and nullah,
And knock down blurry blackfellow belonging to Murrumbulla

Long time ago, when blackfellow been come from Mittagong,
To fight mine fellow-gundrymans close up near Binalong,
Then me been cobbon jurrand, but baal been yan away,
Only plant behind it biz-ant bed, and fight ‘em all the day.

One time big fight at Jumbuck Creek – mine dribe been make it gunyah
Longside Big Charley’s range I believe , not far from Bunya Bunya,
Then thousands – glose up hundreds – come along a’ old King Winjee
When all mine fellow cobbon run,, and choot ‘em long a’ binjee –

Now blackfellah been dumble down – been very neqar all loos ‘em-
But kangaroo still jump about, and wallaby and possum;
And by-and-by old Burrawang begin to roar and bellow –
Dumble down old darkey boy, then jump up big white fellow!

Poor fellah me – been plour bag . now mine dribe been all close up bong,
And Burrawang soon yan away – him baal been yabber long;
So now, white fellah gundrymans, and budgeree new chum,
Me make a light corroboree – you gib it glass of rum
To a poor old Aboriginal belonging to Cooma dribe.