Weerinbrinalli of the Anyuella tribe,
Little black Eve ‘mid the white gums tall,
Found bee’s sugar bag in a hollow tree,
No take in coolamon to old man Mebu.

Ah me, Ah me! Laughing little Myall with a curly head
Stole golden honey from the sweet bee’s bread,
Ah me, Ah me! Old Mebu followed her, anger debbil blaze;
Fish spear flash thru the noon day haze,

Ah me, Ah me! White man’s magic no save her life,
Mebu has killed his little girl wife.
Ah me, Ah me! Now her spirit’s wand’ring thru the trees,
Hear Mebu calling on the honey scented breeze.

Ah me, Ah me! Weerinbrinalli, Weerinbrinalli, Weerinbrinalli.